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Your roof protects you from everyday weather, hence the importance of investing in a high quality product such as Multimetal’s roofing that we are proud to offer you . Our products are approved by the Institute for Research in Construction Canada and our team consists of experienced professionals in the installation of our products distinct from the usual market. Metal roofs are installed in over half a century and have been proven around the world under extreme weather conditions.

When you compare the characteristics of a steel roof to those of a traditional roof , you will find there are many benefits. First, we offer a durable product at a great price with a lifetime warranty transferable 50 year guarantee more extensive in the industry! It will never be broken, is not prone to mold, keeps it looking new permanently resistant to fire, hail and strong winds. In addition, metal roofing is designed with a ventilation underside which helps temper .

Our roofing products are imported directly from the manufacturer and delivered to you without any intermediary.

We are aware that the initial cost of a metal roof may be more expensive than some other roofing materials available. It is best to contact us so that we can analyze your needs with you . Installing metal roofing is a long-term investment for a lifetime then you should take the time to think about it , compare and learn from a competent to make an informed decision team. A quality investment that will add value to your property and attract the attention of neighbors vote. No doubt you will jealous with your beautiful roof installed by Roofing Awards and do not forget that you will never need to replace it !

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A team of experts

Your metal roof installation will be conducted by a team of experts that has many years of experience. With our experienced installers , you will be assured of a unsurpassed quality work. Our qualified staff will be eager to meet your needs and give you complete satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to visit your home to advise you and evaluate your project and provide you with a free estimate.

Simplify your life and choose Multimetal Roofing for satisfaction guaranteed.

10 years warranty

Roofing Distinction offer a 10 year warranty on labor.