The durability of metal shingles is based on a multitude of protective layers such as the following, acrylic film, aluminum and zinc layer, steel base, second layer of aluminum and zinc , A second acrylic film, the basecoat acrylic resin, the stone layer and finally the acrylic coating. By tracing the portrait of this multilayer coating, it is easy to understand why Multimetal Roofing offers some of the most extensive warranties in the industry.


This limited warranty applies only to the purchaser of steel tile panels purchased from Les Multimetal Roofing and subsequent owners of the property. Multimetal Roofing hereby warrant that for the life of the buyer of the property, the property may be transferable by the buyer for a period of fifty (50) years from the date of installation.The Multimetal Roofing will honor its limited lifetime warranty commitment if applicable:

  • Each steel tile panel can withstand winds of up to 200 km per hour

  • The steel roof is incombustible and resists hailstones 3cm in diameter without damage

  • The appearance of the surface coating does not deteriorate except for normal aging. In addition, a minor loss of granules over the extended life is normal.


After being registered by the buyer, this limited warranty is automatically transferred to the subsequent owner of the property. You do not have to inform us or contact us to transfer this warranty protection. We encourage you to keep your limited warranty certificate in a safe place and all documents related to the payment and installation of your metal roof.